Performing Arts-Circumnavigarts


YEAR: 2009

The project promotes a transnational “training” and networking experience focused on SUSTAINED DIALOGUE applied to youth work and performing arts.

Sustained dialogue is a very effective method of intervention to address the challenges and obstacles facing our youth communities and organizations such as ideological, cultural, political, religious differences, conflicts and lack of understanding that hampers growth, development and mutual understanding. Having competences in sustained dialogue will help youth workers, already using art and performances as tools for communication and work, to better support changes and action within their multicultural youth communities.

The partnership involves 8 associations including the applicant, from Programme countries (Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Latvia, Italy) targeting organisational leaders and 20 youth workers.

The project expects:

  • to consolidate a good quality international network of “young” associations working with youth and specifically promoting multicultural and religious understanding in order to act small-scale changes into local communities’ life, highly considering youth as key actors in community dialogue;
  • to enhance competencies to improve the quality of work, offering a training package in DIALOGUE MODERATION for “social performing” youth workers.


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