International exchange in Sweden

International exchange in Sweden



The objectives of the exchange:
Create a platform where they can have different origin collaborations and projects. The platform will be formed with a couple of organizations (Vedogiovane Asti, Cala, Hässlehus) but you can invite new organizations / partners.
The platform can give rise to different types of projects, such as exchanges of young people, youth initiatives, swe (sending and receiving), etc. In some of the actions will take part in the greatest number of organizations, in others only one or two of them will be involved. The objective of the platform is the possibility of spreading the projects among us, and the bureaucratic practices, etc. We will also have more opportunities to put the various projects on the agenda for our organizations.


We will use the method “Zukunfwekstatt” (Framtidsverkstad / future workshop) Robert Jungks that is a democratic method and pedagogical. The method is a good way to work with different problems and the difficulties that the creation of an international platform can give, but it has also the possibility of devising future initiatives and partnerships. The method is a very powerful tool for working together in relation to the objectives set out above.
Anyone who takes part in this method of work can contribute positively to the implementation of the project.


The training will take place from 7 to 12 February 2011. We want to keep in the month of February, so that we can have the possibility to use the term of 1 April for an eventual summer project. We may also invite someone from Ungdomsstyrelsen (la nostra agenzia nazionale) that could explain the different parts of the Youth in action.


Vedogiovane Asti, But there will also be the possibility of inviting organizations of other countries. They will have the opportunity to come 3 people from each organization. To make the most of the application of the method of work we need about 30 people. The age may be from 18 to 100 years. It would be nice if there were also the representation of young people who will be involved in future projects.



Will take place in Majblommegården a Youth Hostel outside Borås. It takes about 1,30 hours from Landvetter (Gothenburg Airport). The accommodation is not luxury but the level is ok. There will be served breakfast, lunch and dinner. Outside because there may be a possibility of coffeebreaks. 

One evening we can try the sauna and hot tub, external bathroom.Perhaps we also have the possibility to show our Youthclub (Center of aggregation) to Borås, and Visit Ulricehamn, a small town near majblommegården. This depends on the roadmap.