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Kindergarten Service

The Kindergarten

The service of the nursery is a service of the local community, that service that takes care in a specific way of care and the growth of the “Puppies” of society, in concert with their parents: it is therefore for the Community first of all an investment for the future. In the course of the decades that separate us from the start of the first experiences we have witnessed the evolution of the optic “care” toward a genuine pedagogical conception of the service.

The prevalence of the centrality of the protection of working parents is in fact substantially balanced with a progressive awareness of the interests and of the training needs of small. The Kindergarten, which “ringleader” services for early childhood care, must be understood as an intervention strongly integrated care of small and of service to the family.

Some of the kindergartens managed by Progetto Città:

The Sve nursery

The EVS service of the International Area also intervenes on the kindergarten of the cooperative to Progetto Città. Remember that the young European volunteers are in Italy from different countries affixed to learn and make their own a working methodology, A culture, a language, a society relatively different from theirs.

These guys, naturally predisposed to help others, will accompany the various educators of Progetto Città For what concerns the kindergarten and the education of the children so having to compare with various issues such as, for example, a different language. Placing themselves in a position of having to follow a child, these guys are obliged to learn and to interact.


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