Spain 2011 – Conflict Management

Spain 2011-Conflict management

Proposal for International Training Course.
Conflicts Management: Our common challenge

Main coordinator of the project: Cala

(Progetto Città was one of the Partner associations that joined the project)


Two years ago, a training seminar in Italy saw the beginning of a group of organizations from different European countries. This initiative came to be through the need to establish a network of organizations with similar objectives in order to give coherence to the international projects we carry out. Throughout this process of working together, we’ve come to realize we’ve got the need to share tools, strategies and working methods.

On occasion, conflicts have arisen among the organizations, among participants…, and it became
obvious there was an urgent need to have specific training in this issue. During our last meeting in
Sweden we decided to do a training course in conflict management in Alburquerque (Spain), as our
organization (Asociación Taller EVA, Association Workshop of Education in Alternative Values) has
extensive experience in the matter.

Thus the Project “Conflicts Management: Our Common Challenge”, whose main aim is to provide youth workers with the necessary training to deal with and regulate conflict in a positive, non-violent way. The bulk of the activity will be carried out in four days, from the 8th to the 11th of September with organizations from Portugal, Italy, France, Sweden, Germany, Hungary and Spain. The methodology will be socio-affective and the approach will be practical, with participants using the different tools of conflict management and regulation.

Our objectives for this course are the following:

to offer a method of nonviolent regulation of conflict and democratic decision taking to people who work with youth groups, either as volunteers or as professionals, to improve their everyday work, to allow them to improve youth participation, facilitate the inclusion of the underpriviledged and transmit a positive experience of cultural diversity.

Specific objectives:

  • To change conventional preconceptions of conflict, giving a positive outlook on them.
  • To learn to analyze conflict and tools for emotional communication that facilitate a positive regulation of conflict.
  • To learn the different ways of regulating conflict, going for positive, nonviolent ways.

Specific objectives related to the platform workgroup:

  • To share common work methods and criteria, more specifically those related with conflict regularion and democratic decision taking.
  • To consolidate an international workgroup, through mutual knowledge, the sharing of tools, methods, abilities, points of views…
  • To open the possibility of participation to new organizations wishing to get involved in this platform.

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