Marta and Rossana-Marathon of Volunteering

Marta from Progetto Città in: Marathon of Volunteering



..And thus, one evening, we met… A
marathon? But we have to run? But no…we do
volunteer work, for which we will do a marathon of
volunteering. This is what we have explained to the
new entry of the group of volunteers in action, that still
did not know much of the project. We were vague:
we must show what we do as volunteers.
As far as the phases of implementation of the project had
already been outlined, we had to decide what was the
most effective way to realize our ideas. Step
by step, we began to see a little clearer,
and the more we got closer to the date of the Marathon,
the emotion was strong. For many of us there was also a
little stirring: our Volunteer activities would
in fact been filmed by filmmakers and would have been interviewed.
Thanks to this, we did hear our voice, our
ideas, to explain what, according to us, mean
doing voluntary work. Our goal was, and is to, make visible, the more possible, what young people have to deny those stereotypes according to which youths lose their time to do nothing.

And perhaps even struck me, in a positive manner, see how many young people (including many who still go to school) are engaged in the activity in favor of the other. The video that has been made, as far as very significant, shows only a small part of what in reality moves within the Green Cross, Civil Protection, Caritas and of many other local reality less “visible”, by the speakers to the centers socio-educational.

In the course of the design of the Marathon, the number of the participants at the meetings went increasingly growing as we proceeded with work, at demonstration that, with the enthusiasm that was creating, spread the word among the volunteers was ever stronger.
The video that we have achieved is the result of more than a year of work. An intense work, challenging, sometimes stressful but often also funny, because accompanied by moments of leisure and fun! It certainly was also an educational experience, for everyone: the encounter of different people, with ideas and thoughts different, has opened each of us to the comparison and understanding.
Certainly it was an experience I will not forget, for the people that I met, with whom I have shared a lot, that made me smile, angry, laughing and thinking.

Rossana from Progetto Città in: Marathon of Volunteering

The experience of the Marathon of volunteerism has meant a lot to me, it was not simply a day entirely devoted to volunteering, but it was a path, of several months, it has committed us young volunteers under different aspects.

I would define this adventure with different adjectives, firstly formative, has allowed me to learn the european program “Youth in Action” and to be a part of it, collaborating with other boys; rewarding, both as regards my skills, that as regards my interpersonal relationships. I have had the opportunity to meet new people that, initially, considered by myself simply “companions” but which have become true friends. It was certainly challenging, a commitment not only of 24 hours, but of months and months that preceded the event true, in which we young volunteers we met weekly for designing the Marathon and plan the actions to be taken, subdividing among us the roles, and by contacting the institutions. Finally, satisfactory, see that what you do is appreciated, not only by other young people, that slowly adhere to the group of volunteers; from institutions, who are interested and you are sponsoring in local media; but by the users themselves to which lend your service during the day of the marathon, has been very rewarding.

I have entered to make part of the project that had already been designed, in a theoretical line, from the other guys in the group. I decided to participate now, because i have convinced very motivations with which it is born, bring light to the world of youth voluntary service, often in second floor, in the territory of Savona. I also liked the idea to try a sector other than that in which soon usually volunteer activities (minors), the Elderly. It was very interesting to try something new and different, that has allowed me to expand my horizons of volunteering.


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