Social Performer (Albulquerque, Badajoz)

Proposal for an International Training course on “Social perfomer”

Participating associations: Collettivo Cala, Vedogiovane Asti, Progetto Città International Area


Time: April 2012

This project is actually the second step of long-term training course, lasting two-years, focusing on
the training of the social perfomer and the development of new tools in the field of performing arts.
The iniciative of this long-term training course comes from Vedogiovane Asti, which hosted the first part of the course. The second part of the course will be hosted and coordinated by the Spanish
organization CALA with the participation of Vedogiovane in the training.
The training course aims at helping the youth worker to develop the role and the figure of a “social
performer”, a professional with both social and artistic skills, able to work with young group by
using different artistic languages.

Who is he, how he works, how he can spend his double competencies in the work with youngsters, especially those with less opportunities.

The objectives of the training course are to:

  • Give to participants the technical elements of what the performing arts are, in terms of
    languages and tools.
  • Give to participants the competencies to set up artistic and educative processes with young
  •  Help the participants to identify and work on their own skills related to the management of
    group dynamics and facilitating the artistic processes
  • Start a long confrontation about tools and methods we use in Europe when we work with
    youngsters through performing arts

The course is open to 30 participants, from 7 different European countries, and will be followed by
another course and intermediate steps of job-shadowing and local work, in order to allow the
trainees to share their experiences and tools during the entire process of training, which will end in

Participants profile and number

The course is open to 28 participants from the following countries: Germany, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Sweden, Portugal and Spain.

The profile will be:

  • youth workers already involved in youth activities through the tools of performing arts, both
    employees or volunteers
  • youth workers in charge of youth associations, able to show the point of view of the young
    people on the theme.


Accomodation will be in Aula de Naturaleza “Los Chozos”, 10 km from Alburquerque, in the middle
of the countryside.
There is no internet connection in “Los Chozos”, sorry! In case of need you can always count on
our office’s connection in the village.

Please don’t forget to bring the following:

  • towel
  • flipflops
  • thin sleeping bag/bed linen
  • whatever you need to present your organization or work.
  • nice, tasty things, whether sweet or savoury, typical from your country, ready made,
    so that there’s no need to cook.

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