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Summer Services: The Solar Fields

The solar field represents for the cooperative a consolidated experience, in which one experiences since its constitution and our point of force as regards our summer services. Children and teenagers, during the school year, have their own “weekly agenda” very dense: in addition to the school, which often engages all or almost all the afternoons, there are sporting activities, workouts, courses of various kinds, catechism: activities that, almost always with the purpose of the school, will stop and then resume with the end of the autumn.

After a winter rhythm that often asks to boys and girls even too much effort, the summer, then, from a point of view of formation, runs the risk of becoming “time of abandonment”, that is a long time free from any commitment considered “important”. Progetto Città believes that it is important to overcome dualism between “educational time” and “Free Time”, or else between “work” and “recreation”, often typical of the organization of the school. The summer time should be a time of active leisure from which rest from “labors winter” but even where experimenting with new and creative activities.

The Day is organised in such a way as to give, to the child or boy, the possibility to choose the activity most congenial to him. The children spend much of their day at the solar field and everything must be organized respecting their rhythms and needs, with attention both to moments of routine (lunch, the rest for the smallest etc…).

The main objectives pursued in the management

The main goals we set are:

  • Help children to socialize and develop interpersonal relationships
  • Stimulate to become more autonomous in different moments of the day
  • Promote the free expression of creativity and expressive capacity
  • Stimulate their psychomotor skills
  • To promote the acquisition and sharing of rules for living together

The activity Sve in Summer Services

These summer services also see the participation of European Volunteers (EVS),  or rather theese guys coming from various countries, which usually: Germany, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, France.
They choose to live an experience of service by adhering to our project through sending organizations of their respective countries.  The selection of the volunteers takes place on the basis of their requests and to their attitude, in this case, to relate with children and to live a whole year together with other young volunteers.
In general, are people with an age comprised between 18 and 30 years maximum that play a voluntary service but at the same time acquire new skills about social, media, and techniques with the shadow of educators from Progetto Città

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