PRELIMINARY VISIT All4oneone4all (2012/2013)


29- 30 August 2011- Asti.




City of Asti:

  • Municipality of Asti.
  • Cooperativa Sociale Vedogiovane Asti (general coordinator and responsible for the youth group).

 City of Savona.

  • Municipality of Savona.
  • Cooperativa Progetto Città (responsible for youth group)


  • Municipality of Halmstad.
  • Youth democracy influence group.

Structure of the project:

The project will be divided into two working levels that will be developed contemporaneously by the three partners.

Local level:

Each city will work with their groups in a local way and following a specific working program, which fit with every particular local need.

International level:

All the partners will work to create an international network, with a common method, system and structure of the project. This international work system will be based on the three international meetings in October 2011, March and May- June 2012.

  • It is really important to understand that these two work level’s are strongly related, so it cannot be developed independently. That means that the group that works on the international meetings, has to work also in the local projects to understand the meaning of the project.

Participant’s ages:

The official age or the participants for the Youth in Action programme is 15-30 years, but the aim is to create a group of participants from 15 to 25 years, with the possibility to create small groups, which are specific to the age.

Number of participants:

There will be two different projects that are working at the same time, with different funds and a number of participants that can change in each of them.

Youth in Action:

With this program, the number of participants will be about 50-60 youngsters for each international meeting. That means: groups of 10-15 participants+ youth-leaders of each partner.

These are the numbers for the international meetings, but if it is necessary, it will be possible to work with more youngsters on the local level.

Citizen of Europe programme:

It’s necessary to confirm the participation of all the people from YiA, but with this programme there will also be the chance of participation for more people divided in three adult groups:

Cultural group.

Elderly group.

Business group.

The total number of participants from the programme “Citizen of Europe” is 150 people: 70 from Sweden (Municipality of Halmstad and Youth democracy group) and 80 from the four Italian partners.



1st PHASE: Beginning of the local work.

Aim: To create a work group on a local level, which will also participate in the international meetings.

In this first moment we start to work with youngsters. There are the following steps:

  • Building up contacts and connections with the local youth group
  • Team building
  • To clarify the work with them and start the project.

This will be the first critical moment for each partner, because each youth group (depends on their environment) has specific characteristics and profiles. Furthermore each group will have to be able to find common points with the other groups to grow and pass from the local level to an international dimension.

If it’s possible, it would be nice to have a meeting with the youth group before to have the first international meeting, because it would be an opportunity to understand what the work is going to be like and also to find out the expectations of each participant.


This will be the first international meeting of the YiA programme, but at the same time the only one from the Citizen of Europe’s programme.

There will be participate these groups:

Youth group.

Cultural group.

Elderly group.

Business group.

Political group (there will be just two days: 1st and 2nd of November)

The meeting will have a duration of 6 days, two of them for travelling days (29th October and 3rd of November), and the other ones (from 30th to 2nd of November) will be working days.

3rd PHASE: To extend the work to the local community (multiplier effect)

When the first international event will be finished, all the groups come back to their cities and start to work about the specific topics selected with the other partners.

Each local group will start to work in their local community, with the objective to collect material and information about this topic, using different tools and methods like interviews, video recording, photography, web, radio, etc.

All of this collected material that have created in this phase, each group will transform it on a visible results (video, DVD, photo report, etc) that will present to the other partners on the second international event in March of 2012.


10 Youngster from Asti and 10 from Savona will visit the city of Halmstad for the second international event.

The aim of this event will be to present to the other groups all the material and the results of the local community’s work, and to share all together the difficulties that each group has found during the work, how they have resolved the conflicts, etc.


Once each group has begun to work with their local community in a general way to having a first approach to the concept of youth volunteering, we think in the possibility that each partner can create a FOCUS GROUP in their community, which will work more specifically about the items for agreed research within the field of youth volunteering.

It is important that these focus groups will be composed by participants with different profiles, in order to be representative of the local community.

Why does it create these focus groups?

Because the objective of this phase of the project is that, once they have decided the specific topics to work and have been investigated on a deeper way in their local community, all of them will create a document that will specify the different characteristics of the young volunteering on the local community of each partner: this will be the establishment of the CHARTER on the participation of youngsters in YOUTH VOLUNTEERING – (specific of each partners’ city).


In this meeting, each group will present its CHARTER OF YOUNG VOLUNTEERING, and all together will work on the possible creation of an INTERNATIONAL YOUNG VOLUNTEERING CHARTER. In this meeting will be invited the mayors of the three participating cities in the project, which will be responsible for signing this international document.

Collegamenti: Vedogiovane-asti



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