Ev-Star-t Project! (2013/2014)

-Evstar-t Project! 


2nd Action – European Voluntary Service

Duration of the project

The host project will have long life (12 months).


The project will be coordinated by Progetto Città, social cooperative accredited in sending and receiving young European volunteers.

Objectives of the project

The project Ev-Star-t! It intends to promote in the European Year of the citizen to the values inherent in the concept of European citizenship which for example the equality of all human beings, Solidarity, Pluralism (e.g. cultural, social, political) assisting young volunteers in the discovery of their values and to become active participants of the meeting and integration with our reality working and social.

Specifically promotes volunteering Youth, European citizenship, the participation of young people.

We believe that the acceptance of European volunteers can represent an opportunity for development and promotion of the EVS on our territory.

Role and tasks of the Volunteer

Within the services The European volunteers will support the operators of these services in the implementation of activities.

Centers of activities

Centers Educational Partner of Savona and Albisola, Ludoteca in Vado Ligure, summer centers

Intercultural dimension

It is our conviction that the presence of young European volunteers can be a significant event in the history now twenty years of our cooperative and an innovation is unique in its kind involving positively members and children who attend our centers.

European Dimension

It is the first time that we host European volunteers and we strongly believe that this is the right way to promote the territory of Savona (Liguria) an European culture, a culture of confrontation and a sharing of experiences between young people from different countries.

IIn this period of crisis is not only economic but also of perspective for young people, we believe that encourage the mobility of youth and the experience of knowledge of European reality and citizenship can represent, on our territory and to our young people, an innovative idea and fruitful for their future.

The coordinator of the project

Adelia Marenco

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