Ev Star Two! Second Edition (2014/2015)

Ev Star Two! Why dwell on a single edition….



START OF ACTIVITY: September 2014 (12 months),

LOCATION: Savona – LIGURIA – (Italy).

ISSUES: Children, Young

With this project, 5 volunteers were hosted in a large apartment in the centre of Savona.


OBJECTIVES: TACKLING YOUTH UNENPLOYEMENT Welcoming young volunteers waiting for employment, providing them with a direct opportunity of observation on the field of how you design, we propose and manage our centers.

PROMOTING YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP: As volunteers will be accompanied by a path of direct knowledge of our services through the entrepreneurial formula of ‘ social cooperation ‘.

PROMOTING YOUTH VOLUNTEERING AND EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP: offering young volunteers the opportunity to get in touch with other cultures, learn new languages, work together to improve our local community.



EXPECTED RESULTS AND IMPACT: increased skills of the welcomed volunteers (linguistic, technical, social) and their spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship, participation in the EVS of young people of the territory, involvement of institutions and associations, creation of a regional pole of incentive for youth mobility.

POTENTIALS LONG-TERM BENEFITS: Strengthening the awareness of the young Savonesi of membership of Europe and the opportunities offered by the ERASMUS programme.

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