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Progetto Città

description of organisation

PROGETTO CITTA’ is a social co-operative, nonprofit organization, which aims to provide answers to local needs by developing projects and implementing interventions. The Co-op was founded in 1989 by a group of social workers, conscientious objectors and volunteers, with the aim of working with particular attention to children, adolescents and young people.

We have always operated a dimension of maintaining parity of esteem between professional work and commitment to volunteerism. At the moment we host in our services volunteers from different national and European Programme (national service volunteers, italian Youth Guarantee Programme volunteers, French Civic Service, EVS Erasmus+ Programme).

The Coop Today

The Coop currently counts 200 members. The organizational style is the establishment of a dedicated working group for each service / project. The teams that deal with similar services are coordinated within business areas. Team work is therefore the work mode privileged by us. We think that working in group is the best way to share, support and give shape to ideas and projects linked to local needs and interests of our members and users. Over the time the range of our activities and projects has expanded and diversified and now we also deal with elderly and disabled people related services.

The main services we offer are:

  • Early childhood: crèche management and integration services.
  • Child support, social-educative and entertainment day services (learning centers, community centers, supplementary scholastic activities, workshops, playrooms)
  •  Holiday time services (summer camps and solar fields)
  •  Individualized educational social services (child foster care, supervised visitation, specialized school support)
  • Residential services (group homes for minors)
  •  Services for elderly and disabled (home care and services to nursing homes)
  •  Welcome and integration to immigration and refugees.

Progetto Città believes in integrated work on the territory and, therefore, maintains and develops relations and collaborations with organizations and local authorities since its establishment. We are a registered provider of social related services and are part of the “Tertiary Sector Forum” of the “Consorzio Sociale The Sextant” and “Social Consortium Savona”.

Web site: Progetto Città-Cooperativa Sociale

Web site: European Youth Portal


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