European exchange in Spain (2016)-Web Radio


European exchange in Spain

European exchange in Spain: At the end of August 2016 it has been possible to select and send a young voluntary of the national civil service to participate in a project of international exchange, having as objective the airing of a program web radio for the international promotion of the activities of international exchange.

The exchange has happened to Alburquerque and consisted in a web-radio project..

Witness of Elisa Bisio

“The exchange in which I participated last year had as its objective the creation of a radio program. The Spanish association that has supported this project is the Colectivo Cala.

The creation of the program or the texts, the voices, the topics have been processed completely from all participants with the help of teachers who have given way to the project. 

By inserting in the first part of the exchange of recreational activities, of knowledge between the various groups, then focus on the major themes chosen and adapt them to the needs of radio. 

We visited the local radio station and often used the materials and the internet connection we turned to the library always located in the city of Alburquerque; the same place where we have recorded the program true, aired by local radio also being interviewed by the local tv.

The groups that are part of the exchange, in addition to our italian, were formed by people from spain and hungary. It was an experience that taught me how to work, have fun and meet with new people. Enriches and create an emotional baggage not indifferent. A personal challenge to grow and learn how to manage their own emotions even in critical situations and create interactions and bonds, that even if only for a short time, mark very deeply.”

Elisa Bisio

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