The European Union: “European Solidarity Corps”

European Solidarity Corps

European Solidarity Corps, what is it?

The European Solidarity Corps is a new initiative of the European Union aims to create opportunities for young people, in voluntary work or work, in projects organized in their respective countries to bring benefit to the nations of the European Union.

Young people who are going to participate in the project European Solidarity Corps will consent and support the so-called: Mission and Principles.

You can subscribe to the European Solidarity Corps with at least 17 years of age, but you cannot start a project if you have not reached the age of 18. The European Solidarity Corps will also be available for those who has more than 30 years.

After having completed the registration at the European Solidarity Corps candidates will be selected to work with a wide range of projects which help to prevent natural disasters or rebuild all once occurred. Provide assistance in the various reception centers, solve different problems within various community.

The projects which are inherent in the European Solidarity Corps can have a duration which goes from 2 to 12 months. Will be located in the various Member States of the European Union.

For more information: European Solidarity Corps [FAQs]


If you think you are a person who likes challenges, and if you have a certain ability to help others, take part in the European Solidarity Corps today!

From the link below you can subscribe immediately. To simplify the process, you can use any your account social or create an account in: EU Login.

link: European Solidarity Corps

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