Meeting at the Civic Library “A.&.A.Vago”-Santa Margherita Ligure

Meeting at the Civic Library “A.&.A.Vago”-Santa Margherita Ligure

On 18/12/17 at 10am and 30 a.m. The meeting took place, about the European Voluntary Service, at the Civic Library “a. &. A. Vago” with the participation of the municipality of Santa Margherita Ligure, of the Social cooperative”Il Sentiero di Arianna”, of the students of the Institute “I.I.S. G.Caboto” and of course the international Area of Progetto Città with his boys belonging to the European Voluntary service. During the meeting there was talk of all that could relate to the world of volunteering, the experiences of the boys presented by Città Project and all the technical-practical aspect of volunteering.

A bit of Evs and how to join

The EVS Service (European Voluntary Service) provides young people between 17 and 30 years old the opportunity to carry out a voluntary activity in a country of the program or outside of Europe, for a period that goes from 2 to 12 months. They are engaged as “European volunteers” in local projects in the following intervention’s areas: culture, youth, sport and social assistance, cultural heritage, art, leisure, civil protection, environment, cooperative development, etc.

Is an experience of intercultural learning in a context not formal, promoting social integration and active participation of the volunteers involved.

Those who participate in this service will have a “Pocket Money” or an expense reimbursement that may vary according to the country and the host association. During the service the volunteer will work with the host association by adhering and contributing to the good functioning of the services, thus having the opportunity to “try on his skin” an experience of working abroad, so we have to develop knowledge about languages that often proves to be a major difficulty for many young people. 

During the stay in a foreign country the volunteer will be guaranteed board and lodging in a structure of the association, two days of rest per week and two days of holidays per month.

Meeting at the Civic Library

The meeting at the library took place in the late morning with a positive feedback,In our opinion, with interventions and interest on the part of the students, interested in learning more about the world of volunteering and intrigued by the experiences, both positive and negative, of volunteers.




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