Testimony of Emiliano – Experience with “Crescere in Digitale”

Testimony of Emiliano – Experience with “Crescere in Digitale”


“My name is Emiliano Bertani and I am a trainee at the Cooperative Progetto Città of Savona. With the Cooperative I came into contact during the month of June thanks to a European project called “Crescere in Digitale” In collaboration with: UnioncamereGaranzia Giovani and Google. The project is aimed “Digitize”an institution, company or as in this case the cooperative itself..but what does it mean to digitize an institution as a company? Italy at the moment is a country that is in a backward format, not all the various institutions look properly on the web not obtaining a good coverage on the territory either locally or internationally or nationally.  So the objective of this programme is to remedy this lack.

Here in co-operative we thought of a site that would present itself dynamic and able to accommodate the experiences of European volunteers belonging to the various EVS programs. So I collaborated with guys who have been very helpful to me, bringing together in articles all their experiences and also recovering the experiences of other people who came in the past from other countries, shaping a veritable archive of impressions and experiences.

My experience in Progetto Città was positive, thanks to it I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge and to be able to develop this same site. “

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