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Give Kisses and Hugs

How the idea of a European volunteer has involved our centers

The Portuguese volunteer Nadia Augusto, during her period of service at the socio-educational centres of Savona, one day she proposed an idea she had known during his European experience: give free hugs! Free Hugs! It was an initiative already in use in other European countries to offer a random act of selfless kindness.

It was interesting to see how the children of our centers invited to become protagonists of this initiative reacted, asking them to create “smile” to distribute to passersby and offering a hug of understanding and solidarity: all gestures to which most of us are not accustomed to give and receive from those who do not know…

The results were positive. There has been a full and enthusiastic involvement of the people, the boys and the educators who have accompanied them to the point that still today every year it is realized again.

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