The magic of being in a medieval set – Cairo Medievale

My Name is Zalan. I come from Hungary. My EVS project EMPOWERMEN VOLUNTEERS SAVONA includes also artistic skill, that is why I participated this the medieval festival in which I had occasion to improve my artistic skill. In this the program it had a little play, everybody had been getting dressed in  medieval clothes, they painted our faces, and we looked like as we would have been in an enchanted world. Were a lot of variant face, I don’t remember the all visages, but I remember that they were angels, fools, elfs, it was wondrous, I liked it. 

My role was to accompany the peace…

My role was to accompany the peace. We were passing along a street to the center of Cairo, between the old buildings, in the meantime the others were playing upon the drum, trumpeting and throwing the flags, but they were dancers too. In the center was a stirring and interesting performance. In my opinion, the whole program was capable of developing my artistic ability. 


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