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After three weeks here in Savona, I can certainly talk about my first impressions.

The reason for coming to Italy was quite clear. Having the opportunity to learn a new language, in a country as beautiful as Italy, with a culture apparently so similar to mine, already painted first as a great idea and a great experience. So here I came.

Three weeks ago we arrived in Savona, and after a few days of adaptation to what is now our home, we have set to work.

What the first days told us the volunteers who had been here for a while now is that being a small place, whenever you go out, you meet someone you know; and so it is. And that for me, being from Madrid, that never ever crossed paths with someone known beyond the limits of my neighborhood, it has something special.

At the end of last week we started with the Italian lessons. It’s true that being Spanish, if they speak you slowly, you find out, but it was time to start seeing the real grammar and leave the “Itañolo” little by little.

Meanwhile, we spent a few days visiting a residence for the elder people, one of those places that for many times you visit, it always marks you in one way or another; and at the other side of the life cycle, we met the children we are going to work with the next year. Children charged with energy that have welcomed us with open arms.

And we have also been on a couple of occasions with migrants and asylum seekers who are in Savona waiting for the resolution of their requests. People who open your eyes to the cruelty of what is being lived in the world. People who are considered migrants to come from the south, while us, who are also migrants, only with a different skin color, and coming from the north, let us say that we are given a very different kind of luck and treatment.

So this is the general picture of the first weeks. Encounters that mark you in one way or another, first days of work, and much excitement.

A year full of new experiences and group and personal challenges begins.

We will tell you more very soon.

Hugs from Savona,

Isa Santelesforo

Presentation Video | Isa Santelesforo

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