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The second weekend of our stay here in Italy, me, Joao and Gabor volunteered at a big event called 24 hour bike race of Finale. It is, as you maybe guessed, a bike race taking place in FinaleLigure that last for 24 hours.   

Quick facts about the event: 

  • It’s a mountain bike race that started in 1999 

  • You have both solo and team race 

  • In 2019 it was over 3000 people participating in the race 

  • Its also a party and a community. You don’t need to ride a bike to enjoy yourself at this festival 

So, we 3 packed our sleepingbags and got picked up outside our apartment by a man called Fiorenzo. We drove to the mountain in Finale, a car ride that takes about 40 minutes. When we got there, we started to put up our tent and put away our stuff. We had a lot of different tasks during our 2 days there. Our first task was to make sure everybody who was participating would run the right way. Because the race starts with a round of running to get to their bikes.

So, we were put around in the slope to guide them the right way. We also did jobs like helping out the information-tent, carry water and beer from the storage to the places they should be and helping people to park on the right places. In other words, we did a lot of different things. At Saturday night we got the evening off, and we enjoyed the festival with food, beer and live music. We also got some friends that we still meet in the pubs around the city in Savona where we live.  

It was an amazing weekend where we got to see a great festival and meet some fantastic people! 

Presentation Video | Chrisander

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