Our On Arrival Training in Rome | Isa Santelesforo

A few days before leaving, Adelia warned us that the Italian National Agency has summoned us to spend seven days in Rome with other people who are also volunteering in the country. So full of energy, at six in the morning of Friday, June 28, we go to the train station. Surprisingly and for the first time since we arrived here, our train arrives on time, so everything points to an unforgettable week.

We arrived in Rome and walked to the Scout Center of the city, where all the activities would be held. Upon our arrival we began to see the first faces that without knowing it at that moment, in a few days would be part of a family that would be born there.

We settled, and the game starts.

Activities, activities and more activities. What a pleasure to be in continuous movement and learning without rest, and even more doing it with people who are passionate about teaching and with people who, like you, are so eager to learn.

Once we entered there it seemed that we had lost track of time. The clock lost its importance, beyond to know how long it was until lunch time arrived.

29 people working in different parts of Italy, from 15 different countries, all with similar objectives and common emotions. It was of course the perfect cocktail so that everything was on wheels.

So it was.

In the seven days we spent in Rome we were able to learn about our rights and obligations, about tools that would serve us in our projects and in our life beyond them, and how not to lose the illusion for what we do. But we also learned how to create and edit videos and podcasts, and we even had time to visit the city.

And despite having wished with all our strength to stay in that energy and learning bubble for at least six more weeks, our projects required our presence, so it was time to pick up and return home.

Thus, we set course for Savona grateful and excited. There have been many moments in a very few days, which now has to be assimilated and ordered.

We keep working

A big hug.

Isa Santelesforo

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