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Report International Area  2017

The 2017 is a year of particular significance because we celebrate ten years of activity (the first international exchange took place in September 2007) and we thought to collect the path done so far in this blog/site to highlight the many activities carried out, The collaborations, projects and above all the testimonies of the European Volunteers welcomed.

This year the project financed by the Erasmus + programme and entitled EVs on AIR offered the opportunity to 6 young people from Germany, Portugal, Spain and Hungary to live a long-term EVS experience (9- 12 months) and acquire a considerable amount of experience and expertise in the educational sector useful in the future search for a job. Also with this project we wanted to give voice to the young Europeans welcomed through specific moments of promotion through the radio channels and the available media, to tell their choice and represent a positive stimulus to other young people in the activation and civil participation and in European active citizenship.

This has generated new contacts and collaborations with local/regional radio and media, and the promotion of EVs in both the Savona and Tigullio areas where there are different youth realities involved.

In November, the cooperative took part in the event organised by the National Youth Agency to celebrate ten years of the National Youth Agency, 30 years of the Erasmus + programme and 60 years of the Treaties of Rome.

As an accredited institution for the presentation of Erasmus + projects, Progetto Città has brought its testimony of the many volunteers welcomed and the work done and has strengthened the collaboration with the Youth centre of Tortona, a very active Italian partner.

For those who want to deepen can find information here: Agenzia Giovani

First Day 08.11.2017: Link Youtube

Second Day 09.11.2017: Link Youtube

The volunteers, carried out their activities in the arcades and centers of the Cooperative and promoted the volunteer service through radios like Radio Savona Sound

Web radios including: Radio Trafiko 

And in some high schools in Savona.

In April, the volunteers participated in the Conference organized in collaboration with the Department of Youth policies of Savona with the theme of the different forms of volunteering, such as civil service, in particular the one activated at regional level and the measure 6 of the Youth Guarantee program.

Other European mobility projects

In the years before the international area of Progetto Città has seen in the year 2016 the implementation of the project “EV START UP“, In 2015 of the EV Star TWO Project and in the 2014 of the Project EV Star-T for a total of fourteen volunteers welcomed For a period of about one year. Furthermore, in March and September 2016, two volunteers, from Savona, were selected and sent to perform six months of European voluntary service in London.

In August 2016 a young volunteer of national civil service in service to Progetto Città participated in a dozen days of international exchange in Alburquerque (Spain).

Goals achieved

With the European mobility projects, we have formed and expanded the experience of volunteers in the knowledge of the functioning and management of the socio-educational services and encouraged the meeting with other young from Savona who realize ideas on the Savona territory in favor of other young people. We have also provided young volunteers waiting for employment the opportunity of direct experience in the educational sector and early childhood in the centers managed by our cooperative (Aggregation centres and nurseries) through the observation of our method of work, the involvement in the proposed activities and the knowledge of the cooperative system in general.

During the year of service we have intensely involved the volunteers through the informal meeting with other young people encouraging a constructive exchange of ideas and we have made known closely the functioning and organizational aspects of the cooperative, making them participate in different moments of cooperative life (assemblies, meetings, dinners…) and encouraging the growth of their relationships with colleagues and associates of our Organization and them in a path of direct knowledge of our services and observation of how we organize and manage the work.

We can also say that we have achieved the objectives of PROMOTION OF YOUTH VOLUNTEERING AND EUROPEANS CITIZENSHIP by encouraging the meeting and attendance of young people from Savona and other young Europeans and through practical experience creating non-formal and informal learning opportunities for new skills, skills and knowledge, such as civic and social skills, political competences and language skills.

The youngs welcomed have improved KNOWLEDGE AND USE OF EUROPEANS LANGUAGES: they attended Italian language courses for the duration of their service and we have favored THE COMMITMENT OF YOUNG VOLUNTEERS TO ACHIEVE MORE INCLUSIVE GROWTH because they have had a positive impact in the Savona social reality of our young people, especially those who attended our centers.

Future goals

Among the future objectives we have to promote the expansion of the partnership both at local and Ligurian level, and at European level for new designs.